Mobile: The essential shopping accessory for the French People

The mobile takes more and more space in our daily life, including when we do our shopping. According to a recent study on the subject, the smartphone would even be replacing our traditional loyalty cards ...

The border between physical and digital commerce is gradually fading away: mobile is everywhere today, all along the purchase journey. Webloyalty, publisher of e-shopping portals, has sought to understand these new uses of the smartphone via a survey conducted by Toluna.

First surprise: the French would be willing to abandon the sacrosanct loyalty card in favor of dematerialized loyalty cards.

In fact, 49% of 18-34 year olds say they access their loyalty cards directly from their smartphone. There is still a way to go for seniors (55 years and older) since they are today only 28% to use this feature of their mobile.

Same story promotions, since 62% of 18-34 admit to access the discount codes offered by the brands from their smartphone, against 39% of seniors.

Will the mobile phone definitely replace the congested wallet of loyalty cards of all kinds?

From mobile to all stages
In-store use of the smartphone, there is an attraction for in-store comparative research: more than half of French (54%) say they use their smartphone in shop to check the price of competition, 57% do not hesitate to take the coveted product to share to share, and 54% use it to show the desired product to the seller, which allows them to simplify the search and save valuable time.

Payment via smartphone, it has now been adopted by 37% of 18-35 years against 15% of seniors.

More unusual still, 64% of 18-34 year olds admit to consulting their mobile shopping list, compared to 35% of seniors: a practical but also eco-responsible way of shopping!

Finally, the smartphone also appears at stages of the shopping journey where it was not necessarily expected: the French are indeed 65% to declare use as GPS ... to geolocate the desired store.