Local Marketing: Trends 2019

Traditional marketing in decline in the face of digital marketing

Of the 1000 marketing partners interviewed by BrandMuscle, pmore than half say they will increase their digital marketing and social media budgets in 2019. The majority do not expect any change in these investments, while a very small minority of them intend to reduce their spending on these areas.

Investments in digital and social marketing are up sharply.

Although most of these partners do not expect to reduce their spending on traditional marketing strategies, it is clear that they are becoming less important. Historically, unique traditional advertising methods target as many people as possible, but this feature is giving rise to more and more specific advertising targeting. BrandMuscle invites marketing experts to turn toe integrated marketing. Working together on digital and physical channels (traditional + events), he will help marketing partners to reach and convert the best customers for the brand.

Marketing Priorzies for 2019

BrandMuscle notes an upward trend in spending on events, but it remains less pronounced than that reported for social and digital networks. The personalized nature of the events makes them difficult to duplicate from one company to another, at least without a dedicated repository with good practices to follow.

Advertising on social media is still in the lead, but email is not far off.

Of the other marketing priorities for this year, more than one in four local partners chose e-mail as the second or third option. SEO, paid search and programmatic display are gaining ground, but require additional partnerships, training and / or funding at the local level to improve utilization.

Social media remains a top priority for many partners, but BrandMuscle sees a wide gap between Facebook's uses and its effectiveness against the rest of social networks. Facebook remains a powerful tool in terms of visibility compared to other platforms. The latter nevertheless remain interesting for the partners seeking to reach a specific target, or to consolidate the visibility of a brand in a niche.